About Us

Stronghold K9 provides dog dog training in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Our trainer Joe Underwood is a certified professional trainer with over 15 years of experience.

Meet Joe Underwood

Joe Underwood is a professional dog trainer with 15 years of dog training experience. He has always had a passion for dogs and has been involved in raising, training, and dog behavior modification for most of his life. That’s when he realized that training dogs was his calling and true passion. He is a avid dog lover and has a strong passion for competitive dog sports. He has raised and trained many police, military and protection dogs for high end clients as well as competes in a dog sport called French Ring with his dog Matrix.

Which is one of the hardest, most intense, challenging dog sport on the planet. Joe is also a very experienced and knowledgeable Belgian malinois breeder, and produces dogs for police, military, personal protection and dog sport owners. He produces some of the best working lines imported from Europe, France, Netherlands, Belgium and many other countries from around the world.